The basics

The interface consists of 5 main sections: the Main Menu with the Gearbox Slider on the left, the Preselection window with a keyboard in the middle and the Player and Playlist on the right. Below the Playlist, you can find additional information about the track that is playing right now.

Create your own musical atmosphere

Boxy’s smartly organised musical library contains a vast amount of tracks within a large number of genres. Creating the right atmosphere with your music is simple, even for those who have difficulties finding the right tracks. Just choose the genre, select and mix with the Gearbox. Your Boxy player will take it from there!

How to use the Gearbox Slider

You can use the Gearbox Slider to specify the intensity of a certain genre within your personal mix. To use a specific genre in the Gearbox Slider, touch “Select” and then select the desired genre.
Next, drag the blue bar to the right to amplify the intensity of the genre.

How to select a genre

Do you wish to know which genres are available on your Boxy player? Then click “Genres” in het Main menu. Now an overview is displayed. For a more detailed classification in subgenres, just touch the desired genre. In the Preselection window you will subsequently see the contents of this (sub)genre.

How to select a playlist

Besides the genre classification, your Boxy player contains more collections: the playlists. There are two types of playlists: BoxyLists and MyLists. The BoxyLists contain the hottest tracks from the recent hit lists and our latest acquisitions. MyLists are your personal creations. The Boxy music library is updated every day.

Create your own Playlist

If you click “MyLists” in the Main menu, you will see that you have 15 folders at your disposal. In every one of these folders, you can save up to 15 personal lists. This means that Boxy allows you to store no less than 225 lists. With MyLists you can construct your personal and exhaustive playlist-collection!

Rating tracks

Use the rating-system with the stars, to identify your favorite tracks.
If you rate the most suitable tracks with three or more stars, the system will automatically select the right music. You can always adjust the rating, by clicking the stars.


To find suited tracks you might use the Genres and BoxyLists, but it is equally possible to enter the name of an artist or a track. The grey bar below displays the number of tracks that meet your set of constraints. Leaf through the tracks by clicking the buttons, or simply move your finger across the navigation bar.

How to play a track

If you found a track that you want to play right away, just hold it for a while. The blue indicator then shows that a pop-up menu is being presented. Here you can choose to play the track immediately, or you can place it into your playlist. Use the transfer button on the right to adjust the playlist if necessary.

How to adjust tone quality

Tone quality can be adjusted through Management in the Main menu. You can do it at any moment. From clean to pumped up like the sound from a hit music station, adjusting the sound quality is easy. Just click the desired sound quality. That is all there is to it, you can leave the rest up to the system!

How to use visuals

Boxy contains several visuals which are already available for you. However, you can easily add your personal photos from your USB-stick. Click “Import”, assign them to a category and create your own slideshows.
TIP: use the photos for advertisements and earn back your subscription fee!

How to use MoodClips

Moods consist of a large number of ambient clips, which are played in a random order. Select the mood in the Gearbox to show the images of your choice. Do you wish to remove a clip from the selection? You can deactivate an individual image or animation with the button “Don’t use this clip”.

How to use the agenda

The agenda is adjustable for every hour in a week. Select the desired (sub)genre and then choose the right time slot. Double-clicking will remove your choice. Of course you can use BoxyLists or MyLists to plan your agenda just as easily. It is even possible to plan MoodClips as well.